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Published on October 26, 2018

Welcome to The Basement, let's TAKE OVER some GYMS in Pokémon Go!

Pokemon Strengths and weaknesses!

Welcome back basement dwellers – in this video we are going to be talking about how to claim a gym, or in other words, how to win gym battles – diving into advanced gym battle strategies and tactics for Pokemon Go. The game is still new, and doesn’t have much for tutorials, but we’ve scoured the internet and amassed our own battle experience to help YOU be the very best. like no one ever was.

#1 Fighting tactics.

If you’re watching this video, I’m assuming you want to win. Make sure you stick around to the end of this video, because I’m going to show you 3 benefits to winning gym battles that you might not know about. That being said, let’s jump right into battle tactics.

when you enter into a battle, you get 3 fighting options. Main attack, Special attack, and dodge. While the Pokemon franchise was founded on a relatively complex battle system, Pokemon Go has a much more simplified interface.

main attack.
Spam this one by tapping on the rival pokemon. As you use your main attack, you charge your special meter. Pay attention to the rival pokemon, though, as you will need to be ready to dodge. More on that in a minute.

Niantic's Pokemon Go support has some good info:
[ ]
Claim a Gym from a rival team
A Gym controlled by a rival team can be claimed by defeating the other team’s Pokémon inside the Gym. Select up to six Pokémon to use in the battle. Each rival Pokémon you defeat reduces the Gym’s Prestige and potentially lowers the Gym’s level. Defeating the rival Gym Leader reduces Prestige by a significant amount. Reduce the Gym’s Prestige to zero to claim the Gym for your team. Gyms can be challenged by multiple Trainers at the same time.

To battle Pokémon at rival Gyms:
Walk up to a Gym controlled by an opposing team.
Touch the Gym to enter it.
Select up to six Pokémon to use in battle. There are two ways of making your selections.
Touch the icon of an individual Pokémon to swap it out for a different Pokémon.
Touch the Shuffle [icon] to get a completely different set of six Pokémon to use in battle.
To start the battle, touch the Glove [icon]

Once in the battle, you can perform one of three different actions:
Fast Attack
Tap your Pokémon to perform a fast attack
Fast attacks charge your special attack meter.
Dodge attacks
Swipe left or right to dodge attacks.
Special Attack
Once your Special Attack meter is charged, long-press your Pokémon to perform a special attack.
Special Attacks cause large amounts of damage.

Each Pokémon has Hit Points (HP) that can be depleted during battles. Pokémon faint after all their HP has depleted. Your battle is over once all of your Pokémon have fainted.

Polygon also has some good advice:
[ ]
How do I find a gym?
Just like PokéStops, Pokémon Go players must walk throughout the actual world in order to locate Pokémon gyms. These are specially marked, just as PokéStops are, but they're even easier to spot: Look for the giant, colored towers with a Pokémon sticking out of them.

How do I enter a gym?
There are two conditions you must meet before they can enter a gym in Pokémon Go. First, you must reach level five. That should be easy to do: Go out there and catch Pokémon and visit PokéStops to gain experience. Once you hit that milestone, you must join a team — Valor (red), Mystic (blue) or Instinct (yellow) — to start competing at gyms.

How do I battle a gym?
What you need to know first is that there are two kinds of gyms: rival and friendly. Rival gyms belong to either of the other two teams that you don't belong to. Team Valor's rival gyms are marked in yellow (Instinct's) or blue (Mystic's), for reference.

Attacking is one of the biggest changes from the Pokémon games on handheld. First of all, battles are no longer turn-based affairs. Instead, to attack another Pokémon, get ready to get to it as soon as the whistle blows. To unleash a standard move, tap the screen. Special moves — type-based, more powerful attacks — can be initiated by holding your finger on the screen once the appropriate meter is full. Fights are one-on-one, no-holds-barred, so you'll want to make use of both liberally.

Swipe the screen to dodge your opponent's attacks. This is especially important if your Pokémon is the wrong type or at a lower combat power than the enemy. Healing can only be done at a battle's conclusion, so pay attention to the health of both your own Pokémon and the enemy; that information is listed at the top of the screen.

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