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Published on October 1, 2016

Trying to get more in because it's October and all that Jazz. I hope you enjoy
Also I recorded 2 new stories last night. This one and another. if someone can correctly guess what I read before I post it on Friday night they win an auto request 😛

So I've been working on making this:
A community site for creepy pasta readers and lsiteners. People all over the world. Join Hands. Start a love train. A love train

Original Story can be found here:

Here's something fun. You can get a T-shirt. Oh joy!

Music this time around isn't from Myuuji but you should still check him out
It's from CheeeshireCat. She records all kind of game music,Shes awesome.

Also don't forget to Like, Subscribe, and find me on Facebook "Mr. Creepy Pasta"
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