PKA 292 Richard Ryan Wing Suiting, Drug Addiction, Pokemon Go Cheats, Miami Shooting, AMA Questions

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Published on December 14, 2016

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Timeline by /u/uarentme and /u/-Replicated

0:00 Intro
0:10 Ad Read: (Audible, TrackR, SeeSo, NatureBox)
0:25 Richard Ryan and Paramotor Talk
2:09 Richard’s First Time Skydiving
10:40 Pokemon Go Glitche
11:50 Skydiving and Paramotoring
16:35 Richard Ryan helping with How to Train Your Dragon
21:44 Why Wingsuits are Dangerous
31:15 Kodak Courage/The GoPro Effect
39:26 Heartrate while Skydiving
46:10 PTSD and Being Normal After Combat
52:35 Bosses and Protocols
54:38 Pokemon GO
1:00:50 Kyle’s Pokemon Express
1:10:34 Richard Hatches and Egg
1:12:06 Social platforms for Pokemon and the Ingress map
1:16:08 What team is everyone?
1:23:46 The effect of Pokemon GO
1:26:10 Ad Read: (
1:29:50 Truck Talk
1:31:42 Ad Read: (
1:41:20 TmarTn’s Mom deleted her Twitter account
1:43:30 Trump’s Twitter, Texting with lots of caps and emoticons
1:47:24 Kyle and Richard’s possible business idea in the Czech Republic
1:47:58 Tunisia, Nice and Italy
1:55:31 South Africa rape capital of the world
1:57:39 Back to Pokemon Go Talk
2:04:54 Playing games on The HTC Vive
2:14:19 Kyle’s PC Build
2:18:30 The future of VR and Augmented reality, Bruce Willis Movie: Surrogates
2:20:23 Being outside and When a hobby becomes a job
2:29:26 Ad Read: (
2:30:58 Rick and Morty
2:33:43 Ad Read: (
2:37:12 Sweets, lemonade, food and Diets
2:48:25 Sponsors
2:55:08 Mispronouncing names
2:56:48 Would you let your significant other do ass stuff?
3:05:10 Fiancee wants to fuck girls
3:13:13 Addicted to drugs
3:24:12 Nintendo stocks and Taylor drops from the call
3:26:10 When Minecraft sold to Microsoft
3:27:18 Pokemon go updates and ideas
3:31:18 Taylor returns
3:32:08 YouTube Channel advice
3:37:08 Getting a masters in Pottery
3:38:06 Video: Unarmed black man shot
3:57:35 Thanking Richard Ryan for coming on
3:59:22 Outro

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