Pokemon Emerald: Subscriber Contest #1 (Beauty)

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Published on November 11, 2018

Yup, I finally got this contest link thing to work on my computer! So now I can do Pokemon Contests with other people! As for the first contestants, Penguino is a relative of mine, and she likes to name her starter Mudkip "Jake" every time due to a little mishap long ago. She just so happens to have a Youtube channel, so check her out if you want:


NightFuryLover is a close friend of mine and just so happens to have a Youtube channel. Go subscribe to her, for she's very passionate with her work:


Finally, Sam is a close relative of mine, and he absolutely LOVES Blastoise, so I decided to put him in, along with giving his Blastoise a nickname that he told me. Although, I accidentally made him a girl. :/

So, you wanna do a contest with me? Sure, I'll be glad to if you follow this signup sheet here:

Pokemon (Gens 1 through 3 only):
Pokemon's Nickname (If you want one):
Move Order (For appeal purposes)

So a good signup sheet would look like this:

Name: Sam
Gender: Male
Pokemon (Gens 1 through 3 only): Blastoise
Pokemon's Nickname (If you want one): Hurricane
Move Order (For appeal purposes. Must have within 4 moves)
1. Hydro Pump
2. Surf
3. Haze
4. Hydro Pump
5. Hydro Cannon

If I think your good enough, I'll put you in the next contest, along with your Pokemon and move order. Of course, I'm going to change the contest theme so it isn't always the same, so I might request a Tough and Cool contest at a different date.

For the next contest, the theme is…


Plan your signups accordingly!

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