Pokemon Emerald: ALL Legendary Pokemon Locations!!

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Published on August 21, 2018

Showing catching all of the non event legendaries in Pokemon Emerald

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Okay, as per usual I’ll give a brief description of how to get each legendary. Starting with the Regis

Before you can encounter the Regi’s, you must first Surf west of Pacificlog Town with a Relicanth and a Wailord in your party, as well as something with Dig. Continue hugging the bottom of the water way until you end up over top of a Dive spot, Dive down and enter into a large cave. Read the braille on the back wall and use Dig, this will open the cave where you’ll enter into a smaller cave. In here, switch Wailord to your first slot, and Relicanth to your last and read the braille. This will cause the Regi Caves to open.

The first one I enter is Regice’s cave. Fly to Dewford Town and Surf from the northern beach and go west, then continue north until you find a long island, go behind this island and you’ll find Regice’s cave. Once you enter, read the text, then walk around the entire cave along the edge going clockwise, and the cave will open. Regice will be inside and be at level 40 with the moves Curse, Icy Wing, Superpower, and Ancient power.

Regirock is next. Fly to Lavaridge town and go east heading for the desert. Go south in this desert until you see Regiock’s cave. Go inside, read the braille, then walk 2 steps to the left, and 2 down, then use Rock Smash. Regirock will be at level 40 with the moves Rock Throw, Curse, Superpower, and Ancient Power.

Registeel is next. It is located west of Lilicove City, on a small outcropping with its cave near the back. Once you enter, read the text, then walk into the center of the cave and use Flash. Registeel will also be at level 40 with the moves Metal Claw, Curse, Superpower, and Ancient Power.

Groundon and Kyogre are next. They are both catchable in the game, but are located in random areas. I will paste a link to the Serebii page where you can find the locations at the bottom of the description. But to summarize, Groudon will be in the Terra Cave. You can find out where by speaking to the professor at the weather institute. He will tell you he registered intense sunlight on one of the routes. Fly to that route, and enter the cave. Groudon will be at level 70 with the moves Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Rest, and Fissure. Kyogre is available the same way. Talk to the weather institute owner and he will tell you there is heavy rainfall on one of the routes. Fly there, and have a Pokemon with Dive in your team. Head to the Dive spot and you’ll enter into the Marine Cave. Kyogre will also be at level 70, and will have the moves Hydro Pump, Double-Edge, Rest, and Sheer Cold.

Here’s the Serebii Link: http://www.serebii.net/emerald/oneoff.shtml

Next is Rayquaza. Whom you can actually capture before beating the Elite Four. Fly to Pacificlog Town and go east instead of west like you did for the Regi cave. Continue going east until you come across an odd rock formation. Enter into it and you’ll be at the base of the Sky Pillar. Work your way up the tower (you’ll need the Mach Bike to traverse it) and at the top will be Rayquaza. He’ll be at level 70 with the moves Rest, Extremepseed, Fly, and Outrage.

And finally we have the Eon Duo. Which one you find will be determined after you beat the Elite Four and talk to your mom. She’ll direct you to the TV, and then ask if the Pokemon explained on the program was Blue or Red. Blue for Latios, and Red for Latias. After that, whichever one you chose will be located at random areas in the wild. I tracked Latias down off screen because it took me well over 2 hours to find her. But it can take less then that if you’re lucky. Once you find one of them however, you can track them on the Pokedex by clicking the “area” button. Once you find it, I recommend using the Master Ball on it, or bringing something that can trap it with Mean Look, or a Wobbuffet. The Eon twins will both be at level 40, and if you chose Latios, his moveset will be Luster Purge, Protect, Refresh, and Psychic. if you chose Latias like I did, her moveset will be Refresh, Water Sport, Mist Ball, and Psychic.

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