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Published on October 3, 2016

beat recreated by Nine Diamond http://youtube.com/ninediamond
To those of you complaining that the rap has nothing to do with Pokemon, it's just a rap over the original Pokemon theme song. I dont really do the whole "themed" rap thing! Thanks for watchiiiiing!
you could find me, westside til i die wit the palmtrees
speedin down hollywood boulevard, cops wanna pull the car over but you canott stop me
no red light, better get right
if the head right, timmy there err night
you vs me not a fair fight
im light on my feet like a air nike
wit the top down, she drop down, i got some head from my booboo
she lick my pokeballs, im like i ch-ch-ch-choose you
no set backs, better get back
im just too fly like a jetpack
kicks too clean, hat supreme
check into my pockets and always find new kream
i got some haters but im cruisin wit my baby
smash like potatoes and she oozin wit that grazy
these haters try to block my shine but i dont give a damn
i just keep smilin for the camera then i instagram
they talkin shit but i just turn around and laugh
then i-i keep it pushin like my car ran outta gas
a little dude but i got the biggest balls
i got a million bigger dreams and i gotta catch em all

Lamborghini Courtesy of: World Wide Auto

Timothy DeLaGhetto
instagram: timdelaghetto
Ricky Shucks
instagram: rickyshucks
Romaliza Rizaldo
instagram: roma_liza
Written by: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Director: Timothy DeLaGhetto

Produced by: Sal Alvarez

Production Coordinator: George T. Kimmel IV

DP: Gustavo Padron

Editor: Arturo Morales

Art Dept: Johnny Rodriguez

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