Pokémon ORAS: Catching Missingno.

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Published on August 20, 2018

Looks like Game Freak left in a little surprise for us long time fans!


How to:
1. Talk to Trendy kid on Dewford Island
2. Say yes twice, then no
3. Show him a rare candy
4. Choose "glitches", this option appears with unknown odds
5. Surf up and down the coast of Dewford
6. Read below !!

Yeah so I don't think I'm really fooling anyone that this is NOT REAL! There are a *couple* of red flags. Despite this, I wanted my second ORAS video to be something more than text-editing, and I also wanted to echo the various Missingno. videos that I had made in the past (like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvVCTKdhOZk ).

There were WAY too many technical challenges that I hit with this, however. I'm surprised it even looks as good as it does. Lining up the texture with the model was the hardest part, and creating the model itself was not super straightforward. Hopefully I can produce a full-fledged event like I did in ruby, fix the texture and size issues, and also fix the shadow….

BUT overall I think it's decent! Still working through some recording optimization issues as well. This isn't the last you'll see of Missingno.

Tools used:
– Ohana 3ds
– Sketchup
– Meshlab
– Pk3DS
– PkHeX

By far the most difficult part was getting the texture to not show up distorted. I couldn't find a good fix for this, and both Sketchup and Meshlab seemed to mess it up. In the end, I resolved to editing the obj file by hand (in a text editor). For some reason the order that the faces appear in affects which textures are stretched and which aren't.


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