THE CHAMP GETS NO RESPECT (Post-Game) | Pokemon Leaf Green RANDOMIZER Nuzlocke (#26)

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Published on October 10, 2018

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Hey guys, MonsterMatt here to welcome you to my *fourth* Nuzlocke Challenge. We’re coming off our recent Deathless Run of Pokemon Emerald – though the post-game wasn’t so kind to us – and looking to conquer Kanto in a Randomizer! We’ll be playing Leaf Green, while Arveedel takes on Fire Red, so join me as we deal with all the zany weirdness that a Randomizer can throw at us!

My fellow Nuzlocke collaborator~
Arveedel (Who also made the intro animation):

1. Starters, Static Encounters and Wild Pokemon are all random. Wild Pokemon will still be of roughly similar strength, however.
2. Stats have been randomized, but will still equal the the Base Stat Total of the Pokemon. (Dragonite will still have more stats than a Caterpie, for instance.)
3. Random Abilities. These will persist through Evolution. And yes, Wonder Guard is on the table.
4. Random In-Game Trades. Both the Pokemon they ask for and the Pokemon they give are different!
5. Random Movesets! The Pokemon’s moves will still lean towards the same type as they were meant to have, so you might get Fire Spin instead of Ember. The power of the moves will also progress with level, as normal.
6. Random Trainer Pokemon, though your Rival’s team will be consistent.
7. Random TM’s and Move Tutors. These will prefer the same type of Move, but it’s not guaranteed!
8. Random field items – but “bad” items, such as Mails, are disallowed.
9. Quality of Life Adjustments: Your text is set to “Fastest”, you may run indoors, you have the National Dex, Pokemon names will appear in lowercase text, and the catching tutorial Pokemon is also randomized!

1. Death Clause: Pokemon that faint are dead. Release them or “bury” them in a Graveyard Box in your PC. No exceptions.
2a. Capture Clause: The first Pokemon encountered in a given area is your only allowed capture for that area. Failure to capture the Pokemon means no new Pokemon for you in that area.
2b. Duplicates Clause: If the first Pokemon you encounter in a new area is the same as one you’ve captured in a previous area (or is of the same evolutionary line) you may choose to ignore this encounter and try again without limit.
2c. Gift Clause: Gift Pokemon found in Pokeball form on the map, or given by NPCs, do not count towards that area’s capture. You may, however, only obtain one Pokemon from a Game Corner’s prize counter.
2d. Shiny Clause: Shiny Pokemon are exempt from the Capture Clause and may be caught at any time.
3. Heartbreak Clause: Nickname every Pokemon you catch.
4a. Gym Leader Quantity Clause: When battling a Gym Leader, you may not use more Pokemon than the Gym Leader themselves. Using your full team for the rest of the Gym is fine. If you lose all of the Pokemon you brought with you, your run is still over.
4b. Gym Leader Quality Clause: You also may not use Pokemon of a significantly higher level than the Gym Leader. A margin of a 1-2 levels is acceptable, sometimes these things happen, but try to be at the same level.
5. Legendary Clause: Legendary Pokemon may be captured.

Outro Music by Jim Yosef, found through NCS [NoCopyrightSounds];
“Jim Yosef – Firefly [NCS Release]”:
Check out Jim Yosef’s other work! 🙂

Appreciation Segment Background Music by Marcus Neely “Inspirational, Promo Presentation Music (Royalty Free) – Music by Marcus”:… Check out Marcus Neely’s other work! Youtube:… SoundCloud:

“Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke” Playlist:

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